Should instruments for Player2 be used with Kontakt 3.5?

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Should instruments for Player2 be used with Kontakt 3.5?

Post by webmaster » Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:17 pm

Should Player 2.0 versions of our instruments be used with Kontakt 3.5?

Definitely not! :evil:

This story may be illuminating. :idea:

After several years since the Stradivari and the Gofriller were out, posts started to appear in several forums, complaining about the poor behaviour of these instruments. The technical assistance (mainly represented by Stefano and myself) was also inundated with mails, reporting severe problems. Experienced people went so far to complain about the “ridiculous attacks” of these instruments. :(

Why this surge of issues after several years? :roll:

The mystery was eventually solved when we analysed the response of the recently released Kontakt 3.0 to the programming of several parameters. It turned out that envelopes, equalizers, filters and LFO modulators behaved very differently from Kontakt 2.

Simply stated, instruments developed for K2 could not be used in K3. Innumerable times was this reminded to the users.

Unfortunately, to no avail. We live in a consumeristic age. :|

The latest, the better. That’s why we supplied K3 versions of the Trumpet, though it was fully optimised for Player 2.

This nightmare reappeared with Kontakt 3.5. Again, it responds to various parameters in a different manner from either K2 or K3.0. This explains why we are painstakingly working at The Trumpet update for Kontakt 3.5.

A free update, yes. Soon available, yes. Gasp! :shock:

Giorgio & Peter

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