!!! New important Solo Strings updates are now available !!!

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!!! New important Solo Strings updates are now available !!!

Post by webmaster » Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:21 pm

Dear Samplemodeling Customers,

We have just released new updates to v. 1.1.2 for the Viola and Cello.

Beyond several bug-fixes, these new updates include many important new features, partly already implemented in the Cello (see below).

The complete changelog can be found in the SWAM Woodwinds User Manual, also freely available from the "downloads" pages of our website.

As usual, all the updates are available at https://swamengine.com/downloads

Enjoy! :)

Your Samplemodeling & SWAM Team.


Viola v1.1.2

- New: version number and features aligned with "The Cello"
- New: added "Accent Type" parameter and MIDI CC mapping
- New: added "Brightness" parameter
- New: added "Expr.Rel.Stop" parameter
- New: added "Expr/Press" Match parameter
- New: added presets and default presets for Seaboard and LinnStrument
- New: replaced Reset pop-up window with an overlay panel
- New: improved sound generation
- New: bow-change during a portamento on the same string using sustain pedal
- New: improved parameters and presets save/recall
- New: higher expression smoothing for detected pitch-bend vibrato when Expression is mapped to AfterTouch (especially fo Seaboard and LinnStrument)
- New: updated Help & Credits
- Fix: unwanted bow-change triggering when releasing the sustain pedal (Double, Double/Hold and Auto poly modes only)
- Fix: microtuning transposition
- Fix: occasional crash caused by internal Help & Credits on some hosts/DAWs
- Fix: reduced TimeOut for license check at startup (slow connection or problematic DNS resolution)
- Fix: better communication between audio processor and GUI
- Fix: better CPU performance when GUI is open
- Fix: some parameters do not react to automation
- Fix: first note on of a phrase randomly skipped (breath controller)
- Fix: GUI not showing in Vienna Ensemble Pro when Audio engine is not running
- Fix: warning message Buffer Too Small/Big in ProTools
- Fix: Breath Controller attack control not working when Attack = Expression
- Fix: Breath Controller double attack
- Fix: unwanted initial attack for "Bowing" bow gesture
- Known Issue: due to the new preset format, some parameters could be wrong if loaded from an older preset file/project
- Known Issue: OutOfMemoryException crash in Receptor Live Mode

Cello v1.1.2

- New: version number and features aligned with "The Viola"
- New: updated Help & Credits

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