!!! A new update for the Trombone 3 is available !!!

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!!! A new update for the Trombone 3 is available !!!

Post by webmaster » Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:52 pm

To all owners of the Trombone 3, purchased before January 23rd 2014.

A new update is available. Please open NI Service Center and follow the instructions.

The Trombone, v. 3.0.1

How to update The Trombone 3.0 to 3.0.1


All customers who purchased the Trombone 3.0 after January 23rd, 2014, do not need to update - their version is already the right one (3.0.1), and can be seen in the file name of the downloaded ZIP archive (not in the instrument names, however).

Installation of the updater application:

PC: place the application "Native Content Updater.exe" anywhere you like. We suggest you use C:Programs/Native Instruments;
Mac: Mount the .dmg and move/copy the application to a suitable install location. We suggest Macintosh HD/Applications/Native Instruments.

Updating The Trombone:

Method 1: drag the file "Trombone 3.0.1 UPDATER.ncu" on top of the updater application icon.

Method 2: double-click the updater application to start it and then use the file chooser to select the "Trombone 3.0.1 UPDATER.ncu" file

Method 3 (OS X only): double-click the "Trombone 3.0.1 UPDATER.ncu" file to start the application automatically.

Release Notes

v. 3.0.1

- NI Service Center issues / "content not found" issues solved

- Flutter Tongue bug fixed

Best regards,

Giorgio & Peter

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