!! Free update v. 1.1.1 for Ms. Sax S. !!

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!! Free update v. 1.1.1 for Ms. Sax S. !!

Post by webmaster » Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:08 pm

A free update v. 1.1.1 for the Ms. Sax S. is now available.

It will convert your Ms. Sax S. into the Soprano Sax of the new SWAM Saxophones.

Please go to: http://www.swamengine.com/downloads
Select the option: Soprano Sax (Ms. Sax S.) and follow the instructions.

Release Notes v. 1.1.1


- Improved sound engine (SWAM engine v2.0)
- Microtuning and temperament
- Overblow/Squeak control
- Current sample rate displayed
- Added CC#7, CC#10 and CC#91 popup menu to Main Volume, Pan and Reverb Mix
- Attack Start (new parameter in Options page)
- Optimized vibrato for wind controller bite sensor (pitch bend)
- Improved vibrato controlled by CC
- Improved compressor
- Improved "randomness"
- Improved growl
- Improved modal resonance
- Pitch Bend controls on GUI in decimals
- Pitch Bend down using positive values
- Additional "Instruments"


- Vienna Ensemble Pro Server compatibility
- Reduced CPU load when GUI is displayed (Mac only)
- Key Noise MIDI CC mapping
- Possible crash on OS X using Russian language


- owners of the new SWAM Saxophones should not update, because they already have the latest version

- this update will ask to re-enter your license key.
You can recover your SWAM instruments license keys from the page:


Giorgio, Peter & the SWAM Team

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