About Roli and Swam instruments.

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About Roli and Swam instruments.

Post by webmaster » Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:00 pm

Dear Samplemodeling friends,

We believe that the time has now come to clarify several things on the basis of some undisputable facts that we are aware of.

As you may know, Roli, a London-based music technology company, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ROLI) sells keyboards, “Seabord Rise”, and, more recently, some dedicated hardware named “Blocks”, a modular music-making system.

They also distribute “Noise”, a free music-making app for iOS and Android devices, which can be used as the sound engine for all Seaboard Rise keyboards and for “Roli Blocks”.

According to Roli and the SWAM team, the SWAM engine can be directly controlled by “Blocks” . (https://support.roli.com/article/using- ... am-engine/).

Also, according to Roli, SWAM instruments, including the violin, cello, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, flute, and others are now available in Noise and Blocks, so you can for example draw a bow across a string simply by pressing a finger into the surface of a Lightpad Block. (https://roli.com/stories/swam-soundpacks).
Whether these are “toys” or limited versions of the original, full featured instruments, remains to be established. In the first case, there’s little to discuss or worry about. In the second case one needs to make up his mind and decide whether it is preferable to purchase their hardware and Roli’s version of the instruments, or to purchase the original SWAM instruments, running as plugins on any PC or MAC.

It must be clarified that Samplemodeling was unaware of, and therefore has nothing to do with this initiative. Apparently, the SWAM team, although bound to Samplemodeling by an exclusivity agreement, made their instruments (even though in a simplified version) available to Roli. Aside from our eventual initiatives on legal grounds, and independently from the future of SWAM instruments, we can assure our customers that our original, worldwide renowned, Kontakt-based instruments will be further developed and distributed exclusively by Samplemodeling. :-)

Giorgio & Peter


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