Best Sax wind controller

Please post here topics concerning use of windcontrollers with our instruments
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Best Sax wind controller

Post by saxninja » Wed May 31, 2017 1:53 am

This will blow your mind. Are you a sax player experimenting with wind controllers? (Sorry, but keyboard players wouldn't understand.) A sax player knows the instrument, knows the nuances of lip, breath, throat, tongue and hand control. The saxophone IS hard to recreate which is why I've spent the past 3 years seeing whats out there and what it can do. I've bought and gig'd with an AKAI EWI400s plus a VL70 with Patchman enhancements. I've bought and gig'd with a Yamaha WX5 with the same setup. I've setup a whole new gig rig based on the Samplemodeling saxophones which get even closer to "true" sax. purchase of a Synthophone raised my experience to a whole new level, on par with performing live with acoustic saxes. This is a real saxophone with built-in midi electronics. Sensors on every "pad" detect the key closures very accurately and the on-board electronics do an amazing job of turning that into Midi data to send to your choice of soft or hard synth units. The incredibly innovative mouthpiece turns lip and breath control into realistic expression controls.

If you are a sax player wanting to move to wind controller technology there is only one answer...Synthophone. Very pricey but worth every penny, especially if you gig.

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Re: Best Sax wind controller

Post by Kobir » Wed May 31, 2017 12:16 pm

I have some back problems, so one of the things I looked for was a lighter instrument that will allow me many hours of practice without strain on my neck and back.

The new Roland Aerophone AE10 is a great alternative midi controller as it is much lighter and cheaper than Synthophone and has key ergonomics that are much closer to sax than EWI and WX5. Because the Synthophone is build inside a real sax it has some advantages in key ergonomics but also limitations as it cannot have extra buttons for octave keys or CC messages and has more moving parts that need maintenance.

To sum: I agree that Synthophone is a great wind controlller, but There are some pros and cons that should be considered.

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Re: Best Sax wind controller

Post by 3dogmike » Mon Aug 28, 2017 5:17 pm

I have both the EWI 5000 and the WX 5 and results do vary according to your set up. I use a Macbook and Bluetooth LE midi interface but I believe the EWI is sending more midi data and sometimes the Trumpets bog down creating a latency issue. I use the wired usb interface with the EWI to prevent this issue. I have not experienced latency with the WX 5 so I use the Bluetooth LE interface as it does not have usb out. Overall I prefer the EWI 5000 as I get better vibrato and wind control but again it maybe that the WX 5 is not set up properly. The WX 5 has more cc options and I like the octave keys better than the rollers on the EWI. I use the Sax Brothers, Swam Saxes, Trumpets and Trombones and I get beautiful results. I used hardware sound models but never could get an acceptable Sax, Trumpet or Trombone sound until I went to Mac and Samplemodeling. The AE10 does not add anything but I did not try it yet. Price too high, looks weird and lacks some important features.

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