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Please post here topics concerning use of windcontrollers with our instruments
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Re: Roland AE-10

Post by dstong » Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:54 pm

I'm happy to see that another wind controller is available, but I will wait to hear from serious players to see how well it compares to the EWI instruments.

Some of the sounds introduced with the 2.0 version, such as the harmonica sound pretty good. In fact a handful of the sounds (harmonica, baritone sax, trumpet, pipe organ in Alistair Parnell's video's sound a lot better to my ears, than any of the built in sounds for any other windcontroller such as the EWI-4000s. The fact that the key layout is based on the saxophone (as well as the use of a reed for pitchbend) is a real bonus for sax players. Are these virtual instrument sounds anywhere close to those you can get with samplemodeling ones? Of course not.

Competition by manufacturer/designers (Yamaha, Akai, Roland) is a good thing and is likely to improve these instruments as well as lowering prices.

There are a number of nice features in the Roland AE-10 such as line input for mixing mp3, which is great for practicing with accompaniment even without a computer. Do I like the gimmicky synth sounds? No, but I wouldn't mind having a good harmonica sound, and if the AE-10 will work well with samplemodeling, then that will be really wonderful.

It is disappointing but not surprising that Roland as well as all other companies promote their instruments with music of the lowest common denominator, but that's simply following most fashionable taste promoted these days.

So, I'm eagerly awaiting the feedback from PhillyJazz, as well anyone else, in this forum who has a Roland AE10.



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