Physical Virtual Instruments - or Alt Instruments : )

Please post here with attachments (Mp3 or zipped files, up to 5 MB) your pieces made with our Virtual Instruments
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Physical Virtual Instruments - or Alt Instruments : )

Post by dstong » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:30 pm

The only way I figure this thread is related to SampleModeling is that these Garden Variety and Vegetarian Instruments demonstrate the very same Acoustic Principles that, the amazingly creative brains behind SampleModeling, have studied and applied to create the worlds best virtual instruments.

Many of you who love music and musical instruments may have viewed some of the amazing musical instruments that Linsey Pollak has invented.

The Carrot Clarinet 2008 :o

Instruments w audio samples (love the Saxillo)

Ted Talk :lol:



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