Bailarina (salsa/latin-jazz with SWAM Saxes & The Trombone)

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Bailarina (salsa/latin-jazz with SWAM Saxes & The Trombone)

Post by HonorableBedlamite » Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:48 pm

Hi all,

Here's a salsa-latin jazz tune I recorded using the SWAM Saxes (minus the baritone) and the Trombone. The rest of the instruments are Kontakt standards, except for the drums and percussion which were made using Jamstix. The soprano sax playing the melody at the start was done with an EWI-USB, but the latter crapped out soon afterwards and I had to do the solo and all the other horn parts by using a TEC breath controller, keyboard and foot pedal. This was my first time recording with Sample Modeling instruments.

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Re: Bailarina (salsa/latin-jazz with SWAM Saxes & The Trombo

Post by MSchnell » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:12 am

You are great with the EWI !
I first tried to use the SWAM (Flute) with a (old half broken WX7) but, being a keyboarded, never decently managed the fingering. So I now use the TEC BBC. I am very happy with it but of course there are limitations.

Music examples ->

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