Roli + Cello tests

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Roli + Cello tests

Post by adminatron » Thu May 11, 2017 12:07 pm

So these were my initial tests of the roli using the sm cello...

First one I left the built in verb on (on accident) and the attack was a bit too high by default

Second test was true monophonic, which allowed for better trills

My first night with it was addicting; )

Initial impressions : it's harder than youd think.... pitch is very sensitive, so if you don't hit the keys "dead center" you'll be out of tune (like a real cello) and it's harder to slide than you think... I've got to work on it... especially since I keep pressing down harder when I go to slide, which is the opposite if the real instrument(and harder to do on the keybed)

Not sure exactly what I want to do for control scheme... but even for what I had, it's insanely expressive... and when you split the incoming midi to 2 channels(to play chords) it also allows you to slide the 2 notes independantly

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