SWAM (Cello) GUI performance issue

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SWAM (Cello) GUI performance issue

Post by MSchnell » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:26 am

I remember a SWAM performance problem once has been discussed here. Now I faced something similar.

I use a live playing setup based on the Reaper DAW. Here multiple tracks are configured holding different instruments and effects. To swap the patches, these tracks are muted / unmuted by signals coming in via Midi. The system is extremely reliable (never crashes) and features no performance / latency problems running on a rather fast Windows PC (i7 4*2.1 GHz).

Usually in "play"-mode, no VST GUI Window is open, but just a standard Reaper "all tracks' sliders"-view is shown. When playing with my band, I usually don't watch the monitor at all.

Now, yesterday, I had two crashes (no reaction on patch change commands any more) within two hours, and I found that generally the system reacted on patch changes in a very sluggish way, while audio worked fine, nonetheless.

The reason was, that after some tweaking I forgot to close the Cello's GUI. After doing so, everything was back to normal, again.

Technically, Reaper is set in a way that muting a track results in completely disabling the audio stream in that track, so the plugins in a muted track don't take any CPU cycles for audio/midi, but they do for handling their GUI.

So it seems that there is a Glitch with the (Cello) Swam software maybe triggered by running the GUI while audio is switched off from the VST host.

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