Still unable to create crescendo "from nothing"..Cello 1.2.1

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Still unable to create crescendo "from nothing"..Cello 1.2.1

Post by Sebmo » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:59 am

Hello everyone,
I am having trouble to create a crescendo from nothing. I read in the latest release notes:
Crescendo "from nothing" possible by pressing a note at a very low velocity while Expression = 0
Even if I press Vel:1 and Expression from 0 it is clearly not from nothing... . ?!

I also tried to set "Main Volume" to Expression, but would need to set the range (min/max) to make it not to drastic (since I am also using Expression for Expression...), but the setting in Midi Mapping are not working for this parameter?! Is this a bug?

Any help very much appreciated...


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