feature request for Cello and other SWAM strings

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feature request for Cello and other SWAM strings

Post by bgdgz » Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:23 pm

Recently I've really been enjoying playing the Cello and indeed all the SWAM instruments. However, I've noticed that although the Bow Position parameter gives a very nice simulation of the change of tone as the bow moves between the bridge and the fingerboard, it doesn't go far enough in either direction.

So I ask, in order to achieve a true sul ponticello and sul tasto effect, would it be possible to extend the physical model parameter to allow the bow to be closer to the bridge than .05 and closer to the fingerboard than .15?

I know that physical model simulations can 'explode' if their parameters are pushed too far, but maybe we could just get a little more in each direction?


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