The Contrabass

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The Contrabass

Post by benjd2016 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:47 am

I've been thinking of different ways to recreate an authentic contrabass sound by pitch-shifting the output of the Cello down an octave.

Not sure how this would work, but I know the tunings of the contrabass and would be able to pitch-shift down the equivalent frequencies.

I'm definitely going to buy the solo contrabass when it is finally released, but until then, I'll be experimenting with the Cello until it arrives.

I have only just bought the three existing solo strings but I'll wait patiently for the final member of the violin family. I've had a love of bowed instruments because of their emotional character.

I've been listening to lots of string solos and sections and to my ears the solo strings by Samplemodeling are by far the most lifelike and realistic to my jaded ears. Having lots of exposure to classical and jazz music throughout my life I can't imagine what writing music would be like without these wonderful modelled instruments. I still have a small collection of old VSTs but I'll probably retire them now that we have something much more useful. It's not just the playability, the tone is just spot on from every angle no matter what the articulation or note transition. Every time I listen to one of the demos put together by composers I am blown away and feel so privileged to own these fantastic instruments.

2017 is going to be a great year for me. I've waited the best part of 10 years for realistic bowed instruments and once we have the contrabass my collection of virtual instruments will be complete :)

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